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Our Work must Reveal God’s Permanence: A Reflection on the Life of Prof. John Samuel Mbiti.

Stars (Verena Mbiti, 2012)
At this time, The Seeds of stars are sprouting on the sky of Mulango
Are you thinking of me who is under the blanket of fog At this time in the frosty Land?

As the world joins family and friends in celebrating the Life of Prof. John Samuel Mbiti in his death, much can be drawn from his legacy both as a Theologian and Scholar. Prof Mbiti’s service to humanity epitomized humility and a desire to gain an understanding of one of the World’s complex topic, Religion. Contextualized within the African practice of faith, his work offered deep reflections on the Beauty of African understanding of Faith and Christianity.

At the age of 87, Prof. Mbiti rested on the 6th of October having accomplished an illustrious career that spread out across the world. He had been hospitalized in Switzerland. Upon his demise, the President of Kenya- Uhuru Kenyatta celebrated him as a great Kenyan who went against all odds to become a successful scholar, writer, and priest. The president describ…

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